In a time when people in power are spreading violence in the garb of the religion, one man’s humanity stands as a shining example of what kindness looks like.

A 20-year-old man from Dehradun, Ajay Bilawalam fell sick and came to know that he was suffering from leprosy. The platelets in his blood started to decline and fell to a dangerously low level. Thanks to the post by Ajay’s father in social media, a Muslim man came forward to donate his blood and saved this dying man, mentioned Indiatimes report.

aarif khan

Aarif Khan

To survive this, Ajay needed A+ blood and due to urgency, his father wrote a stirring post asking people to donate blood and share the post with others. As a result, Aarif Khan got the message on Whatsapp.

After going through the post- Aarif, who is the president of National Association For Parents And Students Rights called Ajay’s father immediately and expressed his eagerness to donate blood.

On reaching the hospital, he was asked by doctors to have food before donating blood. He told them that it’s the month of Ramzan so he is fasting and cannot eat anything. But, the doctors refused to accept blood as it may cause weakness. Determined to help, Aarif instead decided to break his Roza before time so that he can donate his blood to save Ajay’s life. This stands as a perfect example of keeping humanity before religion.

Even though Ajay’s condition is precarious and there is no news whether he is better or not, still Aarif’s donation will help him to live longer and may even help him recover in a better manner.

Recently, in India, we have heard of heinous crimes on young children that justified rape using religion as a weapon. Not just that, people got killed due to their choice of food (read beef).

Complete deceit by people in power has made the nation divided and when we come across people like Aarif, it feels that there is endless good in everyone to look forward to and that kindness and love towards each other will make this world a better place to live in.