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Had it not been for the courage of a 15-year-old girl, 12 children would have lost their lives in Hukitola boat tragedy in Odisha. Subhasmita Sahoo’s courageous act needs to be heard, appreciated and given due credit for giving these kids a new lease of life.

A resident of Odisha, Subhasmita is pursuing Plus-Two Commerce at Kujang College and went to attend picnic along with her family members at Hukitola Batighar on New Year when the tragedy struck.

While enjoying the boat ride along with her mother Laxmipriya Sahoo, sister, three nieces, and a few other villagers were in the ill-fated boat which capsized near Hukitola.

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While talking to Indian Express, Subhasmita mentioned how her neck was trapped in a piece of wood and that she somehow freed herself and swam to the shore. Because of her bravery and presence of mind, the youngster’s swimming skills enabled her to rescue nearly 12 children from the river.

However, her deed was not recognized or given due credit and that led to discontent amid Hasina village residents. Also, Subhasmita’s parents- Bulu Sahoo and Laxmipriya were upset due to the same.

Pitamber Tarai, who is a Fishermen community leader said, “We have urged the district administration to felicitate Subhasmita and recommend her name for a bravery award.”

Some of the kids who owe their lives to Subhasmita expressed their gratitude to Subhasmita and said, “We were given a new lease of life by Subhasmita.” Further, they also mentioned that the apathy towards the teenager’s exceptional courage is appalling.