An entire month dedicated towards the celebration and flaunting of facial hair, is Movember for real? And yes it is for a real and noble cause i.e. to teach the macho beings that once in a while it’s okay to stop by at a clinic and have a little chat with the doctor (read: spread awareness on men’s health issues primarily prostate cancer and other male cancers).

Here’s my feminist case on the ‘flaunt a mustache’ month: One, I think it’s an unfair masculine alternate to the pink ribbon, a blue belt would suffice. Two: I along with many other women need this ‘celebration for a cause’ month (maybe two) more than the men. And here’s why.


When we walk into a room with bushy eyebrows or full upper lip hair or hairy arms we pretty much become the talk of the town. But when men walk into the same room sporting an unkempt beard, they are simply excused. The beard stands as a symbol of nursing a broken heart or a laid back phase of life, a hectic work schedule or a break-free attitude, an experiment with a cool look or a sign of being a grown-up. Yes, men don’t have to justify the coarse growth on that face, be it a stylish goatee to a five o’clock shadow or a Hitler stache to the Hobo beard! Each day can be a cheat day for them; shaving is not a necessary part of grooming. As for us, we are required to mug up the crash course on ‘bad hair’ days too. So well, why allot an entire month to the men simply to do what they anyway do all round the year?

Now digest this fact. A handful of recent studies suggest that in a lifetime an average woman spends over $10,000 on hair removal products, $10,000 on shaving and $23,000 on waxing services: depending on the hair removal method she opts for. And add to it another $50,000 spent on an average by a woman on hair care, coloring, combing, styling and more. So, let us keep the hair, it isn’t doing any good to the budget. A mere month sans removal will improve the finances. In addition, a woman is known to spend an average of 72 days in her lifetime on shaving their legs, which is approximately 1728 hours. On the other hand, men spent 45 days shaving i.e. if they shave four times a week, and well, we all know that is a rarity: who has the time or will to shave on weekends, bachelor party nights, soccer matches and more. Do the Math: the lady deserves the few days off, really.

In 2011, Movember raised $126 million in 14 countries. Do you know how Adam Garone started the Movember campaign? Click here to read.

Next, while men claim that shaving is their biggest chore of the day, women claim it is their most hated beauty chore too: and a woman has many chores to attend to. We’re just asking for fair rights for both genders.

Last, it’s only us women (whether you admit it or not) who can look after the male members in a family, can educate our sons and husbands on their health issues, remind our brothers to take their medication, and drag our dads and grand-dads to the clinic or hospital when required.

So yes, give us Movember and we’ll take care of it all: finances, health, time and the MEN.

I rest my case.

P.S: I support the cause & if a mustache can save a life or enlighten a mind I’m all for it. So keep calm and grow on! Come on, we all can sport both a mustache and a sense of humor. Can’t we?