In trying to pluck out a cornerstone out of a convoluted structure of a complex behemoth, I began reading more about feminism and reading more from feminist authors, and I had started to believe that it is a cause to fight the inequality between men and women to improve the lives of women.

However, today, my sense of feminism is more along the lines of considering it to be a belief system that is hell bent on demolishing the lives of men while celebrating just the women who bolster this philosophy. Probably because there are too many loopholes in the context derived by feminists, for example ‘oppressive patriarchy’.

why need feminism

I admit that men are often on higher, powerful positions, taking decisions for the group. Nevertheless, it has been my understanding that leaders always be the one who protects and the one who is concerned for the well-being of the group-members instead of being an oppressor of feminism. As I started reading more about the ‘oppressive patriarchy’, I stumbled upon a name who is probably having the largest voice in this stage. The patriarchy she refers to is synonymous with “male power”, which is portrayed as “oppressive” and something that women have long been a victim of. I agree that women are vulnerable when it comes to power as men are physically strong, but does it prove that all men use their manliness in abusing women? It simply means that, by women’s size and stature, they are smaller and weaker, have less muscle mass, and don’t react aggressively to the violence as men do.

Men do have certain powers over women like physical prowess and violent aggression; however, should they choose to use them? Yes, they do but women do that too. Men, when feeling threatened, use their powers to regain the control over the threat. Likewise, women resort to their most base, that of manipulation, cunning, and, at times, seduction to have power on the threat.

So, there is nothing wrong if both have the powers that are double-edged. While a man uses his power most of the times to support and protect a woman, a woman uses hers to comfort, ennoble, or bring peace to a man.

If a woman’s sexuality can be used with sound intentions, then men’s physicality can also be!

Suffice to say that the acts of violence that have occurred so far are not even standard. Generally, women are protected by men, even by stranger ones. Women don’t fear danger at the hands of men. Even when they do, it is either in the depressed neighborhoods or in certain areas at night time, not because they are populated by men but because they are more crime ridden.

The threat of physical violence and rape on women appears to be about equal to the threat of emasculation, sexual manipulation and mental abuse targeted at men. False rape claims, women seducing and robbing a man of his dignity, the power to keeping a divorced father away from his children, etc., are a few example of this. Patriarchy is a horrid word. It won’t be right to say that a man’s physicality is bad always; just like a woman’s sexuality isn’t. Both can use their respective capabilities with ill intentions, which can cause harm. Recognizing this threat is paramount to shun perpetuating it.

Section 498A, 354A, 354B, 354C, 354D, & 497 are products of patriarchal mindset!

Why go anywhere else to find a definitive text on patriarchy when we have our laws shrewdly twisted in its favor! The Section 498A deals with the husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty. It’s a non-bailable offense and is called “legal-terrorism” by Supreme Court, and the rate is, as per National Crime Record Bureau, 15%. The Section 354A, B, C, and D, deals with the rape and sexual harassment against women, and it clearly states that the victim has to be a female and criminal has to be a male. Then there is Section 497, which states that in the case of adultery, the wife is not abettor. Besides such women-oriented nature of these laws, there are people who support them, and at the same time talk about gender equality.


I’m all in for the fact that these laws were made by our country with respect to the concerns of the historic bigotry are in the favor of the survivors or victims of such exploitations. Let me also consider the fact that even after 70 years of Independence, more than half of the population hasn’t matured yet, and women are still struggling to create their prominence in the society. However, does it all covers up for the cases where women have started misusing these laws to overpower naive men? Evidence of women abusing their husbands both mentally and physically also exists in the society. Do these proofs accomplish anything? If these laws conclude anything, in particular, is that a man cannot be subjected to cruelty.

Oppressive patriarchy myth finally breaks down for me and I hope it breaks down for you too!

This is only one example where this myth breaks down for me, let alone the feminists who support this ideology. I think it is high time we disassemble this rumor by dismantling where the ground on which feminism is established so that we probably have the capacity to invert this toxic animosity amongst women and men and reinforce our bonds to work for an appreciative equality where we would all be able to flourish and be satisfied.

Do you think otherwise? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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