In a generation where teenagers and youngsters like to be termed as ‘foodie’, only a few can turn this facet of their quality to something quirky yet commendable.

One of the few such stories is Yash’s and Miloni’s, co-founders of Foodilicious Voyages (formerly Foodilicious Mumbai). This best friend duo, as jovial and happy-go-lucky as one could get, love food probably more than they love each other’s company. Ever since college days, they wandered around the city to explore new food joints. They clicked pictures of everything they loved because let’s admit it; we’re Generation Instagram even before the 24-hour story feature flourished through the social media platforms.

Foodilicious Mumbai

Whilst satiating their hunger to try eating everything they could in the town, a small idea occurred to them. And thus was born, Foodilicious Mumbai. A start-up venture that took Yash and Miloni to places unexplored, now with a bigger purpose. The Instagram handle created by them gave them a platform to give their opinion on food, the ambiance, specialties of the food joint and so on.

Undoubtedly Yash and Miloni’s favorite hobby was food and understanding behind what goes into making any delicacy so special. “We thought why not disseminate the information of best places for hogging at in Mumbai to other foodies just like us. We are sure there are a thousand out there,” says Yash.

There's nothing like too much cheese😍 The Next Big Thing is really the next big thing you must check out. Tucked in the by lanes of Chowpatty, TNBT is sure to please you. They have a concept of gather, eat, drink, converse and play all day. Their wide range of food as well as games is what we liked the most. The interiors are cozy and yet they stand out. In all, it's a must visit place. What we loved: Cheese Corn Balls, Veg Wantons, Desi Cheese Fondue, Burrito Bowl, TNBT Special Dessert. . Add us to follow our food journey live! Snapchat id: myfoodilicious . #FoodiliciousMumbai #Pasta #Mumbai #Cheese #Chocolate #FoodLove #India #Love #Food #Photography #Travel #Bae #Blogger #FoodBlog #RashmisFoodiePicks #MumbaiFoodie #Snapchat #Things2doinMumbai #Instagram #Igfood #Follow4follow #snapchatIndia #Foodie #Follow #Like #Like4Like #Likeforlike #Zomato #Instafood

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What started as an Instagram page to simply showcase their mutual love for food has now bloomed into one of the most loved food blogs of Mumbai. It has been a wonderful roller coaster ride of over 2 and a half years with more ups than downs. Team Foodilicious Mumbai had reviewed over 250+ restaurants and associated with many big names from the F & B industry. It’s a very dynamic industry with new restaurants coming up every second day. The trends in the industry have been so enormous that bloggers have become a major channel of communication.

They are now expanding their palettes and venturing into exploring the food and destinations across the globe. They call this journey “FOODILICIOUS VOYAGES”

What Foodilicious Does:

Showcasing the best of food and travel as their journey takes them to countries unexplored. They do reviews, listings for offers and events and blog across all our platforms of Foodilicious Voyages. Brand collaborations for everyone in the F & B and Travel industry are their forte.

It makes me proud that Foodilicious Mumbai (now Foodilicious Voyages) turned into a blog that showcases the best Food in Mumbai, the food hub in every sense. What started off as a passion soon turned into a blog that received great response from fellow foodie Mumbaikars”, says Miloni.

Sunday Brunch at Momo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott was a joyous day of food, fun and frolic. Circus themed brunch was the highlight along with many fun activities for everyone. From Food Eating Competitions to Juggling Show to Bubble Show, it was a great day in all😍 . The food spread was most rejoicing food offerings in the city for all gourmands. Feast up on the live Mexican & Jamaican grill stations serving Wraps, Tacos, Grilled Chicken and a lot more. There was an array of Latin American desserts like Coconut Cheese Flan, Sopapilla Cheese Cake Pie, Spicy Chococo Matzoh Almond Crack to please the sweet tooth lovers at MoMo Café. . Add us to follow our food journey live! Snapchat id: myfoodilicious . #FoodiliciousMumbai #Brunch #Mumbai #Cheese #Chocolate #FoodLove #India #Love #Food #Photography #Travel #Bae #Blogger #FoodBlog #RashmisFoodiePicks #MumbaiFoodie #Snapchat #Things2doinMumbai #Instagram #Igfood #Follow4follow #SnapchatIndia #Foodie #Follow #Like #Like4Like #Likeforlike #iphone #Zomato #Instafood

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The blog now stands at 74,000+ followers which in itself are a testimony to their success. Not only because the food is a basic need, but because they aim to do things differently. It is very important to thank the people who have made you reach where you are. Thus, when they turned two on 12-3-2017, they hosted a series of 8 contests with vouchers worth over Rs. 50,000 for their fellow foodie followers to grab. They received a great response and that has been a milestone for them.

Taking Foodilicious Mumbai ahead as Foodilicious Voyages, they hope to achieve greater milestones and expand the horizon of happiness they spread from Mumbai to the entire globe.

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