It is said that ‘human kindness is free’. This act of selflessness by a plumber from Burnley will not only win your heart but will also restore your faith in humanity. Last week, James Anderson charged a zero amount for repairing the boiler of a 91-year-old leukemia patient. 

Till now the post has been liked by 30k people on Facebook and has been shared 11k times. One user wrote- “How lovely to be on call 24 hours for her to keep her safe and warm for 00.00 you should be upgraded to a Saint because no words can express the goodness of your heart.”


This heartwarming gesture is not only winning hearts online but has inspired many others to be more humane and do good to others.

This incident was shared by Christine Ann Rowland, the elderly woman’s daughter on Facebook and she attached the photo of the bill as well. Later, this post became viral on Twitter and Instagram as well and it seems people cannot stop lauding him. Soon after the plumber received donations of £80,000 from the people across the globe.

James Anderson

James Anderson

With the amount of money Anderson has received now, James hopes to take this noble act a step further by expanding his free services for the elderly throughout the nation. He said that the company will “be available 24 hours to keep her as comfortable as possible.”

A BBC report mentioned that since March 2017, this 56-year-old plumber has been running Depher-Disabled & Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Repair, which is a non-profit plumbing company. This company pledges to help those who are in need and absolutely free of cost.  

Till now, he along with his team has fixed gas leaks and repaired boilers for more than 2,000 elderly people and homeowners with low-income. The expenses are taken care of by the company’s website and have images of people who have benefitted from this.