If you are in India, you might have witnessed that a bride stepping down from a chariot or a brand new car. But hardly you can imagine her coming out straight from a coffin? If you are confused and freaking out at the same time, then scroll down to know the whole story. 

Recently in Ghana, there was a grand and strange entrance at a wedding where the bride went a bit too far to surprise the guests. Guess what? She turned up for her wedding in a coffin. No doubt the post became viral and has left the netizens in splits. 

The 57-second video shows that a big white casket covered in a black sheet and a man standing beside the coffin dramatically pulled it off and revealed the bride who was inside in a golden gown for the ceremony. While the guests were applauding the quirky entry, the bride was seen moving to the music. 

Till now the post has got more than 5k views on Twitter till now but it has also triggered a meme fest online.

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