We belong to a society that discards relationships, instead of fixing things, gorges on the new one. Well, this artist who goes by the anonymous name My Dog Sighs encourages the world to open their Eyes to the possibilities lost and go on an exciting new journey.

Paul Stone likes the idea of anonymity. He is neither a dog owner nor a dog person. Just, that the phrase “my dog sighs” stuck with him when he was a child and saw it was scribbled on a fence, while he was holidaying with his parents. Not that he is sad, rather Paul is in a very happy place right now personally and creatively but as he says, he needed to be completely lost before he could find his direction.

He is running his Free Art Friday project for 15 years now and leaves a piece of art on the streets, wherever he happens to be.

Loving what you do and make a living out of it, isn’t that cool? He is now either known as “My Dog” or the “sighing dog man” by his fans. Here are few thought-provoking eye murals by Paul.