What’s so special about these children?

They all come from severely exploited and marginalized backgrounds. In this group, six of them are visually challenged and two have spectrum disorder. One thing that binds them together is music. And they are known as “Chennai Children’s Choir“.

Chennai Children's Choir

They all belong to NalandaWay Foundation which is a non-profit that works with children from the poorest districts in India, helping them raise their voices and issues through theatre, visual arts, music, dance, radio and films. Over 17,000 children in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Bihar and Jammu & Kashmir have benefited from their programs. Efforts of this foundation have helped them become creative, learn life-skills and build self-confidence to create the lives that they truly want to lead.

Chennai Children's Choir

On International Music Day, these beautiful little ones were singing A. R. Rahman, Ilayaraja and Michael Jackson without missing a single note.

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To know more about NalandaWay Foundation and support them in any way you can, click here.

Image & Video source: YouTube