Forget about Rumali rotis, if you think making roti is a tough job then you can take inspiration from this man. Cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea but this man has stunned Twitterati online by making a chadar roti that is sufficient to feed an entire family.

Tossing the ball is easy, but can you imagine someone twirling and tossing flour dough with ease? We bet you haven’t. This man is doing it with such finesse that it is a pleasure watching him make those flatbreads, which are also known as ‘manda’.

This viral video has garnered 37.9k views till now and in that 1.48-minute clip, you can see the man is fanning the dough in the air till it comes to a paper-thin consistency. Then, he places the raw dough over the cylindrical-shaped tube. These rotis are usually made on special occasions.

This proves that talent can come from anywhere.

No doubt some are praising his skills, but this has also triggered laughter riot online.