We should learn from Pune’s ‘Ti’ toilet on how to make an old bus useful! Earlier, we also talked about how another organization is transforming old buses to classrooms to educate and empower the street children. 

Well, this creative and sustainable idea will not be restricted to one city anymore as Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has proposed to replicate this same idea. Marathi word ‘Ti’  means ‘She’ in English. Well, apart from attending to nature’s call, women will be able to relax if they want to as this bus will come with WiFi and TV facilities within it. 

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According to the TOI report, the mobile toilet will be stationed on Marine Drive’s service road. Apart from TV and WiFi facilities, it will also have a digital feedback machine so that they can share whether they are happy with the facility or not. 

It was this month, on 9 September, the makers of the Pune’s ‘Ti’ toilet concept and Sara Plast India Limited were approached by BMC so that they can supply the necessary materials to install and operate the facility. This will be a pay-and-use model and every user has to pay a sum of Rs 5. 

This revenue model will be created in such a manner that BMC will get 10 percent and the rest 90% will go to the makers of the ‘Ti’ toilet. 

While the water, electricity connections and cost will be taken care of by BMC, which was mentioned in a letter to the company. Apart from that, the ‘Ti’ bus’ drainage line will also be provided by the same, as mentioned in a TOI report. Further, this mobile toilet will also have sanitary napkin disposal machines, LED screens for social messages, sanitizer sprays for western toilets and will come with a female attendant in case anyone needs further assistance. 

Other conditions included permission to sell packaged products and female hygiene products at the toilet, and advertise on the outside of the bus to generate revenue.