A simple act of kindness amid chaos is not a common sight and probably that is the reason that this video has gone viral and is winning hearts. 

Recently, a video clip was doing rounds on the internet where the students and alumni of Jamia Millia Islamia were seen cleaning the roads that went viral. But, this time another clip became viral which showed the students protesting are protesting against the amended Citizenship Act, but when an ambulance was coming their way, all of them made a way for it to pass. 

The viral post was first shared on Twitter along with the caption, “Remember the video of the crowd parting to make way for an ambulance in Hong Kong? This was at the protest at Jamia yesterday. These are not  troublemakers looking to incite trouble, for that it seems you need a uniform, these students are fighting for all of us.

Watch the video here:

There was a big group of protestors along with the placards, mostly locals and students and all of them were standing outside the campus in Jamia Nagar area of New Delhi.