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You may have come across a classroom full of children and textbooks lying in front of them before. However, this time in Kerala it is a different scenario that will take you by surprise. This state has introduced a crash course for senior citizens and they are going to classes with their smartphones, happy to stay updated with the changing trends.

older people smartphone

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The four-day programme is an initiative by HelpAge India for senior citizens on “How To Use Smart Phones” is in progress at Nimmadhi War Widows Welfare Association in R A Puram.  Most of the students in the classroom are over 60, and 35 of them have shown zeal to sign up for the class. The course was from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm till May 25, mentioned the TOI report.

For instance, an 82-year-old student Padma Sudarshan who is eager to learn about the use of online cab apps like Ola and WhatsApp says, “Once I learn how to use it, I am going to buy my own device.” She is using her daughter’s smartphone to learn all about it and then she will buy one for herself.

Another student, Jessie Rajashekharan, 73, finds it difficult to use a phone for the last three years. “I use it only to make calls but I want to learn to use all the apps, send photos and documents,” she says, admitting that she is curious about social media too.

According to the report, the senior manager of HelpAge India, R Muthukrishnan, who conducts the classes, says “Many elderly people are fond of gadgets and while people in the family may gift them phones, not everyone has the time or patience to teach them how to use it, especially as elderly people take time to learn.

With apps flooding smartphones, there is a lot to learn about and due to this HelpAge India is trying to organize similar workshops in numerous parts of the city.

During the workshop, on the first day, basic things were taught like- how to switch their phone on and off, send a text messages etc, says Muthukrishnan. The second day shows how to use apps like Whatsapp, Ola, Uber, and other online shopping apps. On the third day, apps related to mobile wallets and online banking, etc. The last day teaches seniors how to make utility bill payments.

Learning has no age barriers. Keep learning and keep growing young.