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Just like any relationship, friendships need nurturing. One of the best ways to do that is to create happy memories by spending as much quality time together as possible. And what better quality time could be than traveling together? Besides, when it comes to an all-girls’ trip, things can get really interesting!

Having recently traveled with 3 of my girlfriends, I can tell you that traveling with an all-women posse is sure to have its moments. However, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed with an extra bit of love and attention.

1. Involve Everyone in Every Stage of Planning

Image Source: Worldly Adventurer

The first step towards a happy and successful trip is to ensure that everyone is on-board with the whole plan. Ensure that you discuss the destination, type of lodging, duration of the holiday and other important aspects of the plan as a group. This can help a lot in keeping things fair and free of argument. No one person should be taking independent decisions as this can create clashes among the group members. It is important that every member feels equally valued.

2. Set A Per-Person Budget

The next step is to set the budget. This could be a sensitive area so if you want, you can do this discreetly by asking every group member to figure out the maximum amount they are willing to spend on the trip. They can then anonymously send across these numbers to one person who chooses to be the facilitator. However, it is important that you keep in mind all the following areas while setting the budget:

  • Hotel/lodging charges per day
  • Meals
  • Local travel: sightseeing, commute, shopping etc.
  • Flight/train/bus tickets

3. Delegate Responsibilities

Image Source: Travel Passionate

One of the best ways to ensure a smooth and successful travel plan is to divide all the responsibilities among different group members. No one person should be bogged down with the bookings, plans and other details. A prior discussion can help your girlfriends to pick the responsibilities they are more comfortable with. For instance, only one person should be in charge of making hotel bookings while the other could take up research work to prepare a list of things to do and places to visit and yet another could decide the best ways reaching the chosen destination.

4. Help Each Other

It is wise to stick together when traveling with a group and taking care of little things can prove to be very helpful in ensuring an enjoyable trip. To begin with, making a list of essentials to pack, helping each other pack light and being open to sharing stuff when needed should be the attitude of every member. And once you reach your destination, it is great to take care of each other. Here are a few tips:

  • Remind each other of carrying essentials like medicines, cameras, keys, sunblock, wallets, chargers etc when traveling locally.
  • Don’t lose your cool at every little mistake made by any group member.
  • Set some ground rules that everyone should agree to stick to. These could be as basic as staying away from phone calls when enjoying together, no boyfriends to disturb the gathering or sticking to a set budget so everyone could be comfortable throughout.

5. Try New Things

Image Source: Romy Yoga

Finally, make sure you try new things as a group. Explore places you never thought you’d be open to, try the local cuisine, go on adventures and visit places that encourage togetherness. And of course, don’t forget to take pictures of the amazing memories you make!