Langkawi is the most underrated destination in Southeast Asia. This place is often missed because of the sheer ignorance of tourists. But that makes it a haven for travelers who prefer the quieter Langkawi to the crowded beaches and streets of Bali or Phuket.

Located in the Andaman Sea, this Malaysian archipelago is a cluster of 99 islands that promise you a memorable getaway with its bright sun, clear blue waters, and yachts jetting off in the horizon. Langkawi is just 30 kilometers from the Malaysian mainland, an hour’s flight away from Kuala Lumpur.

3D Art Langkawi

A moment in the 3D Art Gallery, Langkawi

I flew to Langkawi in February, during the Chinese New Year. And I had no predefined schedule ahead of me. The beauty of Langkawi lies in its ability to entice you with its breathtaking seas, sunsets, and seafood. But the best part of traveling to Langkawi revolves around the idea of an ideal vacation where you can relax the way you want and sightsee when you feel like.

On the first day, I headed towards the Cenang Mall in the Jalan Pantai Cenang area which was just a 15-minute drive from my resort. While the mall wasn’t much of an attraction, it’s the marketplace around the mall that caught my eye. There were small eateries everywhere, so I made my way into one, looking for some local food. The dish of the day was called Ikan Bakar, I was told, which turned out to be an excellent grilled fish. I then walked down to the beach, which was right across Cenang Mall. 

My Langkawi bucket list comprised of seeing the iconic Skybridge, hike to the Seven Wells Waterfall, and go island hopping, where I primarily wanted to see the Pregnant Maiden Island (Pulau Dayang Bunting), Payar Island, and Pulau Beras Basah Island.

Day 2 In Langkawi

I left for the Seven Wells Waterfall in Jalan Telaga Tujuh. It’s a half-kilometer hike from the car park and took me about forty minutes to get to the top. There are seven pools at different levels where the waterfall makes its way down. I chose to go to the pool at the topmost point, instead of the shallow ones below. The water was pleasantly cool in the heat, and relaxing in the natural pool was worth the climb. It was almost noon when I made my way down and headed towards the Langkawi Sky Bridge.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

The Langkawi Sky Bridge

The Langkawi Sky Bridge is located at a height of 2,170 feet from the ocean floor, where you can walk on the Sky deck and see almost all of Langkawi. There are two levels from where you can observe the scenery below. The Skycab will drop you (Cost per person: RM 55)to level 1, which is an open platform for you to wander around and capture the panoramic view. You can then get into the same Skycab that will take you to level 2, which is where the Sky Bridge is. The bridge is at the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang. You can walk to the Sky Bridge by taking a short trail, or you can opt for the SkyGlide to get here.

3D Art Langkawi

3D Art Langkawi

After the Sky Bridge, I made my way to 3D Art Langkawi, which is unlike anything you have ever seen. The center features more than a hundred 3D interactive paintings that you can pose with. I called it a day after spending an hour there.

Day 3 In Langkawi

I made my way to Pulau Dayang Bunting, the second largest uninhabited island in the archipelago of Langkawi. The island is famous for its freshwater lake; Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. The scenic view of the lake and the surrounding hills will take your breath away. I then left for Payar Island, where I spent my time snorkeling in the shallow waters. The surrounding waters sport a wide range of marine life, so explore it when you are there. As my last stop for the day, before I retired to my hotel for some time in the pool and then the spa, I stopped by Pulau Beras Basah Island. The island had one of the most stunning beaches I had come across so far, and thus I headed for a swim in the deep waters around the island right away.

Lake of the Pregnant Maiden

Lake of the Pregnant Maiden

On my last day in Langkawi, I finally set out on the city tour. I booked a cab to see Dataran Lang (Eagle Square), and a famous aquarium with more than two hundred species of marine life called the Underwater World. Post lunch, I left for Skytrex Adventure in Jalan Teluk Yu around 3 pm. If you love outdoor activities like I do, this is an adventure you mustn’t miss. Skytrex Adventure is a place where you can go for tree-to-tree sky trekking, and you can experience gliding and flying through the forest. I ended my stay in the beautiful island sitting by the coastline, sipping chilled red wine, and listening to a band playing We Don’t Talk Anymore.

Underwater World, Langkawi

Underwater World, Langkawi

Langkawi is a place meant for your rejuvenation. Go there for a leisurely swim in the pool, casual sightseeing, and pampering yourself with scenic views of the Andaman Sea.

Have you been to this place? How was your experience?

Photo credit: Nilotpal Dutta