The most certain thing about life is its uncertainty.

Karthik, an IIT Guwahati alumni, started traveling after one of the uncertainties of life stuck him. As he started traveling, he discovered things beyond his expectations. Traveling solo, he lived with strangers, understanding their perspectives towards life. For days, he lived in a Gurudwara, a Dargah, meditated in Bodh Gaya, and also took bath in the holy lake of Pushkar. In all these different places of faith, he did not see different religions. But he only saw people with hope.

It was that shocking news that he received in 2016 which changed his life as a person. As he traveled, he understood that money can’t buy you happiness. The further he moved towards the extremes of the country, the more welcoming were the people. He realized that the less they had, the more ready they were to share.

In this video, Karthik shares why he travels…