Too often we fail to notice the things because, in a fast-paced world of humongous distractions, little details fall out. We don’t find them worth noticing, not anymore.

I walk to a nearby sports complex every now and then. I am currently unemployed and have got lots of time for that, but even when I had a job, I used to go. I go out walking often with a mind crippled with doubts, and I generally come back happy and cheerful. Does it give me the answer? Not really. But most of the times it just allows me to forget the questions that haunt my mind.

 Leisurely Walk

The footpath is usually empty and the streets jam packed with traffic. I am so glad that in the area I live in, the footpath is only used as a footpath, which means that unlike so many other areas I have seen, there are no motorcycles or bicycles that might come from behind and give you the shock of your life. People, footpath is a path meant for people to walk on. If you show up with your bikes or even worse, with your cars, I will walk so slowly in front of you that I make sure you never ever think of doing that again.

There are many cars on the street. I cannot fail to notice many people holding the steering in one hand and their mobiles in the other. What could be so important for so many of them that it cannot wait, I wonder. A call from the boss? An angry text from your wife? I guess everything can wait when you are driving.

I reach the place and I walk around or run. I see an old couple sitting in the small park and enjoying the warmth of the sunlight. They do not seem to talk. A content smile rests on their face which makes them look heavenly. They are in good health and shape. Some old couples are just so adorable. No exaggeration there.

I didn’t really carry my worries this time. But I was definitely struggling with a writer’s block. And just see the magic. I have written many words so far without troubling my mind to overthink. My fingers continue to type and I don’t have to struggle with a blank page.

Don’t miss out on the little details life has to offer, just because you were glued to your screens. A lot can wait. Just make sure that when you go out for a little leisurely walk, even if you leave your house with worries, you must try to come back with none.

Unwind your mind. Be more productive. Be happy.

Image Source: Shutterstock