Self-esteem is the quality of feeling good about who you are and what you do. It is similar to self-confidence in that it allows you to move forward through your life without constant self-criticism and negative thinking. Individuals who have self-esteem stop examining their every word and action. They use their energy more efficiently to foster relationships and achieve goals.

If you think you could use a boost in self-esteem, here are a few tips that can help.

1. Assess Yourself Fairly

Stop for a short while and take some time to do a thorough self-assessment of your personality and your life. Consider all the factors that make you who you are, including your physical makeup, your work and your relationships. Some individuals find that writing down their good points and bad points help them to look at themselves more clearly. It can also help them to improve on the good parts of their personality and fix the negative parts. This exercise can also provide a balance in the way you think about yourself. No one is all bad or all good. And people can take pride in, and improve on, their good points if they know what they are.

2. Update Your Appearance

Many individuals go for years without changing their hairstyle, clothing choices or makeup. Taking time to improve your appearance. It can help to instill new confidence and a feeling of worth. Ask your hair stylist to suggest a few new looks. Examine your wardrobe, and update your look. Make sure your smile paves the way for positive experiences. Get some dental work done at a dental clinic—getting your teeth straightened or teeth whitening. It can do a lot to your confidence.

3. Write Down Your Experiences

Most people carry a wealth of experiences, both bad and good, in their memory banks. These events are often very positive, but others may carry negative memories that affect how you feel about yourself.

4. Work On Your Bad Habits

Sometimes, our self-esteem suffers because we know we hold onto bad habits that defeat our actions instead of helping us to achieve a successful life. Look carefully at the habits that serve as crutches and barriers to improvement. If you have a problem with substance abuse, get help. Join a smoking cessation group. Talk to a therapist. Take positive action to turn your habits around and make yourself a more effective person.

5. Do Affirmations To Eliminate Negative Thinking

Positive affirmations can be used to effectively boost your self-esteem if they are focused and based on reality. Generic affirmations don’t really do anything to your self because they are too vague to relate to everyday activities. Instead, look as your self-assessment and see if you can maximize your positive qualities. These affirmations will be based on your own reality and will move you forward in your life goals.