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For people living in poverty, the Delhi government is likely to introduce a vocational skill development programme for them.

Through this programme, the social welfare department will help beggars to get trained to ensure their life is no more stripped of dignity and their children have a better future.

beggars on the street

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Teaching them tailoring, handicrafts and other skills might help the beggars getting a job and become self-dependent. Social welfare minister Rajendra Pal Gautam said to TOI, “A cabinet note has been prepared for the programme under which those staying at government beggar homes will be taught vocational skills. It will be put up before the cabinet soon.

Even though you will find an abundance amount of beggars, whichever route you take, begging in India is an offense. Even though there is no central law to prohibit begging but Delhi Prevention of Begging Rules 1960 formulated under the Bombay Prevention of Begging Act 1959, which was extended to Delhi in 1960, makes begging an offense.

As a result of this Act, beggars were often picked up and produced before magistrates, who sent them to different beggar homes for up to three years. Just before the 2010 Commonwealth Games, beggars in the street of Delhi were sent to the homes. But, the arrangement lasted for a short time.

We will provide Rs.250 every day to those enrolling in the programme. Our aim is to give them a life of dignity and respect once they get out of the homes and ensure that they don’t return to begging,” said Gautam.

Secretary of the social welfare programme, Rashmi Krishnan said, “Throughout the year about dozens of beggars are brought to Delhi government homes and the idea behind this is to provide them a chance to live a better life.

During the training, the beggars are provided with identity cards. The government hopes that this would encourage and inspire many others to come forward and join the programme.