Doing something awesome? Have a story that may inspire people for good and spread happiness? Share your story with us.

What do you think is more captivating? The journey towards following your passion or the result of this journey – even if it’s not tremendous success?


Before I share my thoughts; I would love this opportunity to introduce you to the most profound thoughts of Rabindranath Tagore, in his own words…

“I have been seeking and searching God for as long as I can remember, for many many lives, from the very beginning of existence. Once in a while, I have seen him by the side of a faraway star, and I have rejoiced and danced that the distance, although great, is not impossible to reach. And I have travelled and reached to the star; but by the time I reached the star, God has moved to another star. And it has been going on for centuries.

The challenge is so great that I go on hoping against hope… I have to find him, I am so absorbed in the search. The very search is so intriguing, so mysterious, so enchanting, that God has become almost an excuse – the search has become itself the goal.

And to my surprise, one day I reached a house in a faraway star with a small sign in front of it, saying, “This is the house of God.” My joy knew no bounds—so finally I have arrived! I rushed up the steps, many steps that led to the door of the house. But as I was coming closer and closer to the door, a fear suddenly appeared in my heart. As I was going to knock, I became paralyzed with a fear that I had never known, never thought of, never dreamt of. The fear was: If this house is certainly the house of God, then what will I do after I have found him?”

Many of us may not have the quest to search for God. However I am convinced that we all are in one way or the other involved in noble pursuits just by doing something that comes natural to us.

I was one of those entrepreneurs who was always eyeing on the aftermath of my pursuits like money or fame or ego boost or name it the way you like it. None of these things ever convinced my spirit to work on my passion.

Nevertheless, the sheer pleasure of ‘working’, waking up every morning with plans to take one step forward; hoping to see in action, things that I see in dreams, the thrill of seeing people getting benefited out of the work, that defined the call. It is this ‘feeling’, this ‘pursuit’, that makes me want to do what I do. The intention and thereby the journey is so fulfilling that I am not enthused by the results no matter how it pans out.

I work. I love my work. I follow my heart & soul & use whatever mind I have to make my work useful for others. If several people like it, it becomes successful in public eyes. If not, it becomes a failure in public eyes.

Either ways – I WIN !

For I am not after the glory or money but the love of pursuing what comes natural to me.

Tell me, aren’t you a winner, yourself?