He agrees that life as a police constable is not easy. People have preconceived notions about the police. And they do not understand the human side of a policeman. Even a policeman expects to be treated with love, politeness, and respect. But how does it matter?

It’s not a secret that the common public does not look up to policemen with much respect. Respect? Maybe just out of fear. And yes, you never expect a constable talking to you with fluent English, at times may be better than you.

Meet the Mumbai police constable, Rupesh Krishna Rao Pawar. He graduated from Mumbai University in the year 2000. Straight out of college, he joined an MNC, Ryder Software. After spending two years, he moved to ING Vyasa Bank. After a year with ING Vyasa, life took a U-turn when his father had a Kidney failure.

Siddharth Sathyajit captures this inspiring story of a policeman who feels like a Lion when he is in his uniform. And indeed, he has the heart of a Lion.

Watch him speak as he opens up, giving you a sneak-peek into his life, family and why he became a Police constable. He also shares how people behave and talk in an inhuman manner, most of the times.