Science and technology advancement at a rapid pace is bringing us more and more innovative ways to defend ourselves and the people we love. It is not just in this field, but also in medical technologies, defensive technologies, and so many other domains and activities.

While defensive weapons and tools permit us to avoid offensive blows or protect from possible attacks, the offensive technologies are intended to harm and even kill the enemy. To prove it, we have machine-gun wielding robots, remote-controlled vehicles that are able to launch rockets, self-guided bullets that can turn in mid-flight, and the examples can continue.

However, there is a company that has specialized in creating an innovative type of offensive technology. The weapons they develop can leave attackers defenseless but without causing any serious harm. It is known as a Salt gun.

The good thing? A Salt gun is a weapon anyone can use for protection, and there is no permit required to get one.

salt gun

Salt Gun – a new kind

Adam Kennedy was the one who co-founded Salt, in 2015. In a recent interview, he mentioned that one of the most significant points that are driving the company is the desire to create a product that offers real protection. Moreover, it should be an item that anyone can feel comfortable using.

One of the problems with traditional guns is that they require a lot of training to be used effectively and safely. Furthermore, there are a lot of people who are gun-shy because they are afraid of using firearms. Unfortunately, even with a lot of practice, accidents can happen when it comes to guns.

Also, if you have a family and children, the thought of having a deadly weapon in your home may not be the most pleasant one. Even if you keep the bullets locked elsewhere, there is ongoing stress associated with knowing what you have in your home, so close to your kids.

Even people who fear for their lives and who want to have some kind of protection cannot deal with the idea of ending up killing another person – even if that person actually has deadly intentions.


Yes, you have quite a few. Still, none of these options offer the same kind of security as traditional guns do. For example, items such as bats, tasers, or pepper sprays are not effective at a distance.

To use a pepper spray you have to wait until the attacker is very close to you. If he or she is a strong and able person, you might not be lucky enough to even use any of the alternatives mentioned above.

Having one in your pocket might make you feel a little better, but you cannot tell for sure if it is going to help if such an unfortunate event occurs. You are actually lucky if you never have to find out.

How does Salt gun work?

Taking into account all the aspects we have discussed so far, Kennedy and his team managed to create a weapon that blends the non-lethal protection of pepper spray and the long-range efficiency and accuracy of traditional firearms.

To make things very clear, a Salt gun is actually a kind of pepper spray gun. All rounds are filled with powder that includes tear gas and pepper spray. They break on contact and cause difficulty breathing, temporary blindness, as well as severe impact distress on the spot.

The team is dedicated to equipping customers with the most advanced defense technology available,
so that we can all keep the people we love safe when they need it most.

As a fun fact, Kennedy has mentioned that he wanted to make sure that all the models they develop work just as intended. Therefore, he participated in all the testing procedures which were not exactly fun.

If you want to find out more about Salt guns and their purposes, you can find a complete review of various models in this article.