Carrying out medical procedures on children can be really difficult. Especially if it means drawing blood with a syringe. But a Scottish doctor came up with a brilliant idea to soothe and calm the child.

In a video that has become viral on Facebook, a baby is seen lying on his back while the doctor identified as Dr.Ryan Coetzee at Raigmore hospital sings to her, Nat King Cole hit ‘Unforgettable’.

According to several reports, the infant has Down’s syndrome and while the doctor is carrying out the medical procedures, the baby girl doesn’t react but is seen staring at the doctor.

The adorable video has garnered more than 68k hits till now followed by heartwarming comments. Also, while sharing the video, the girl’s mother wrote…

This is something so special!

My daughter is usually distraught getting blood done, she has had them done a huge amount of times but never has had a reaction quite like this, not one tear.

I have never met a doctor quite like this one, absolutely amazing. He had a smile on everyone’s face. An example of a job being more than a paycheck at the end of the month. He has made our day 💗”

What’s more? This doctor was also trained in classical music and in a statement that was released by the hospital, he said, “Singing to the patients has always been something I have done. It’s a natural thing for me to sing and when you work in pediatrics its fun to be silly and make the kids laugh.”

Netizens are calling him “single pediatrician” and one user even wrote- “He is amazing what a voice they definitely need more doctors like him around. Hope Gracey is doing well xx.

How people on social media reacted to the video-

Hello, doctor! Keep singing and keep doing what you do best.