Live fearlessly, follow your heart and broaden your mind to life’s possibilities is what DC’s latest offering- Aquaman is all about.

Equipped with a powerful message, the film shows that good can happen if we are willing to work together for a better world. Although there will be obstacles along the way but with courage, one can manage to overcome that over time.

Here are 10 life lessons that we picked up from Aquaman that will motivate you to write your own story of life.

1.  Find the courage to be yourself.

aquaman life lessons learned


2. Family comes first.

aquaman life lessons learned


3. Never forgetting your roots.

aquaman life lessons learned


4. We can harm or heal the world.


5. Care for your nature, be it land or water.


6. Fight for the right cause.


7. Forgive your enemy.


8. Friends come in all shapes and sizes.


9. There is goodness in everyone.


10. What can be greater than a King? A hero.


If you can enjoy life’s detours then you may land up in more beautiful places than you ever imagined.