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Let’s get this straight! “MENSTRUATION” is not a dirty word! Instead, it is the most natural and normal thing and is connected to a woman’s body and health.

Despite so much awareness about periods, people choose to consider it a taboo- particularly in rural areas, across the world. When something so normal like menstruation is considered a taboo and a woman is restricted from certain places and activities- it restricts the overall development of women. Needless to say that these thoughts are stirred by the dominant patriarchal mindset and to erase it will need hard work for many more years to come.

menstruation enactus svc team crimson project

The young and enthusiastic Enactus SVC team

We at LifeBeyondNumbers got in touch with the 19-year-old Mehar Sindhu, the project head of The Crimson Project– who along with her 20 member team has made it a mission to curb the myths around menstruation by creating awareness and providing a healthy alternative like reusable cloth pads to rural women.

The Crimson Project is an initiative taken by Enactus SVC, which is one of the most active societies of Sree Ventakeshwara College in Delhi. The aim of this society is to find opportunities, transform them into real, sustainable projects to empower the unprivileged sections of the society. A pool of socially responsible students who are well equipped to handle the future.

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“An average woman menstruates for about 30 years and therefore, this 2-month-old project was taken by Enactus SVC to introduce reusable cloth pads to rural women, who do not have the money power to use disposable sanitary napkins which costs about Rs. 165 each month,” says Sindhu.

This means over a span of 30 years, the sanitary napkins will cost approximately Rs. 60,000. In contrast to that, a full-cycle cloth pad kit costs about Rs. 1500 and lasts about 3 years, reducing the lifelong burden to approximately Rs 13,500.

“Reusable sanitary napkins are popular in South India and people do come forward to create awareness regarding its benefits on the physical health of a woman, but in Delhi, people are not so used to this concept. If properly soaked in water for 30 minutes, cleaned with detergents and dried in sunlight- this pad can be used for 2 and half years.”

This is how you can support this campaign too.

These cloth pads are a healthier and eco-friendly replacement to sanitary napkins and tampons. Reusable menstrual products also solve the problem of improper disposal. Made from natural materials, composting and recycling remains a possibility.

“The first official session of the society was conducted in a village called Munirka, Delhi. Then we conducted workshops in slums as well as in several schools in the rural areas. The Crimson Project is also targeting orphanages and women shelters to create further awareness about hygiene and health-related issues.”

“We reside in a society where openly discussing menstruation is a taboo. It is really appalling that even today, in certain communities, girls are not allowed to sleep in beds, go to the kitchen or touch anything anyone around them, when they are on their periods.”

In a time when the government has imposed taxes on sanitary napkins, this initiative is not restricted to rural women. Urban women who have purchasing power also come forward and are willing to try this reusable sanitary napkin due to its cost-effectiveness and durability.

“We look for crowdfunding sources and sponsors to support our cause. In future, we want to expand this initiative and we are looking forward to Government help to reach out to maximum people in an efficient manner.”

“We have a vocational training center in Delhi where underprivileged women are employed for the making of these reusable cloth pads. Apart from that they also make dresses. Due to their contribution to the production of the sanitary napkins, these women are given certain remuneration. We provide them with raw materials like cotton, clothes and other necessary items. They learn to stitch here. This project is also designed to impact other people’s lives in a positive way.”

Before the campaign was started, an online survey was started to understand the collective conscience of the society about menstruation, hygiene, and reusable cloth pads. 503 responses were recorded from various age groups and this what people are saying-

Reusable Cloth Pads menstruation enactus svc team crimson project

Taboo regarding menstruation was meant to gain control and authority over women. Break the silence now!

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