This story of a woman police officer from Assam’s Darrang district will not only inspire you to do good but also restore your faith in humanity.

Assam Police women

Source: Twitter, Assam Police

Women will truly be empowered when other women, who are in power and privilege come together and help them to move forward. Even though women are said to be multitaskers by default, but managing home, looking after babies, having a job and doing all the household chores all by herself is the next to impossible.

Recently, on November 10 in Assam, a bunch of women appeared for the Teachers’ Eligibility Test (TET). The best part is the woman police officers came forward to take care of these infants while their mothers were appearing for the exams, mentioned an Indiatimes report. 

TET is conducted to test the basic aptitude of a teacher and after the exam, the selected candidates can teach in schools from classes I to VIII. There are two sets of examinations. In one of them, teachers apply to teach the junior section from classes I to V and the second set is meant for teachers who are going to teach VI to VIII.

Assam Police shared the post on Twitter and the post read Mother is a verb. It’s something you do, not just who you are! Assam Police personnel in Darrang district taking care of the lil’ ones, while their mothers write the TET Exam.