Back in 2008, a mother died of domestic violence. Unfortunately, her children were unable to claim her body from a private hospital in Thrissur as they were not in a position to settle an outstanding bill of Rs.60,000. To do an inquiry of the entire incident, Aparna reached the hospital and got to know the story. Being a single mother at that time, Aparna knew how important a mother is to her children. She was moved by the whole situation.

So, what she did then? Aparna gave them 3 gold bangles she was wearing so that they can settle the bill and go back with their mother’s body.

And now, 11 years later, she again didn’t think twice before chopping off her entire long hair for another good cause.

Aparna Lavakumar

Aparna Lavakumar | source: facebook

Aparna Lavakumar holds awareness sessions on personal safety, mostly in schools. In the year 2016, during a class, she met a 10-year-old cancer survivor who was undergoing chemotherapy and lost her hair completely.

Aparna was moved after witnessing how the boy was mocked at for having no hair by the people around him. So she decided to go to the nearest salon and chopped a few inches of long hair and donated it to a local charity, that makes wigs for patients like him.

Now in Irinjalakuda, the 44-year-old still couldn’t forget that boy and his condition. That triggered her urge to do more for the cancer survivors like him. Thus, she tonsured her head to donate all of her hair.

Aparna Lavakumar

Aparna Lavakumar

The boy’s teacher informed Aparna how the cancer survivors find it difficult to get back to school because of being bald due to the disease and they are afraid of being bullied. This made her determined to come forward to help him.

Aparna is no less than an inspiration for people around her. Because of this kind act of her, now many others, from students to homemakers, have come forward to donate their hair for cancer warriors.

A single wig needs about 400 grams of hair. The more we come forward, the greater the impact will be. It always takes one person. One courageous step. To inspire a change.