Never-ending queues, cramped traffic lanes, new rules and laws, lack of time, bad food, bad weather… the list of travel woes could go on and on. However, a smart traveler would know better than letting any of these woes become a source of constant stress for themselves and for others.

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When on vacation, the importance of time increases manifold. You need to be patient, vigilant and a master at managing your itinerary irrespective of whether you’re traveling alone or in a group. And the best way to do that is to avoid one tasteless habit- being stubborn!

What Stubbornness Does to Your Vacation

When you are stubborn during a trip, you end up making life miserable for yourself and for others. Not willing to adapt or adjust ends up spoiling the vacation altogether.

1. It’s An Instant Killjoy

A stubborn person refuses to appreciate the good things and unavoidable changes they face when traveling. It is understood that food will be different, traditions would be different and you may even end up in a different time zone. You need to be prepared for all these changes because cribbing and complaining would not stop these things from happening. You cannot afford to allow your tantrums to get in the way of enjoying your time. Stubborn behavior spoils your mood, kills your spirit and leaves you feeling dissatisfied with your decision to travel.

2. It Makes You Look Like A Baby!

Yeah! Because who throws tantrums for silly things? Right, babies! It dramatically diminishes your credibility as a mature, adult person. So, no one would want to travel with you the next time and your hosts will only remember you as a troublemaker. You won’t be entertained for long.

3. It Wastes Time

Precious time! You cannot afford that ever but definitely not on vacation. As stated earlier, time is of the essence. You have to explore a new place within a certain duration. While it might be hard, to begin with, it would get worse if you refuse to adjust in a certain accommodation or refuse to wake up a little early or avoid eating local food. Stubbornness could surface in endless ways and you have to make a constant effort to ensure that doesn’t happen.

4. It Causes Friction

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A stubborn co-traveler is a constant source of stress for others. No one would tolerate such behavior for a long time and you are bound to get into fights and disagreements. Result? Ruined vacation not just for you but for others as well.

Keeping Your Annoying Tendencies in Check

If you are generally short-tempered and find it hard to deal with changes in your routine, you should come prepared when traveling. Do your research about the places you would be visiting. Understand what all to expect in terms of culture, tradition, flight plans, local transport and everything that you’d need to keep yourself from acting out. You know yourself better than anyone and it is your responsibility to take precautions that would prevent your stubborn self from showing up.

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For instance, if you are prone to fits of anger looking at the plastic bags, carry your eco-friendly bags with you at all times. If you cannot start your day without a certain brand of coffee or cereal, carry the necessary quantity of the same with you. If you hate sharing cosmetics, carry a few extra ones that you’d be ok to lend in case a co-traveler is in desperate need. It makes the most sense to imagine all kinds of scenarios that may trigger your non-flexibility. That way, you would be mentally prepared and equipped to deal with such scenarios when they actually happen.

Bon Voyage!