Tiesta Duggal, founder - Navyam

Navyam – A Step Towards Stress-Free Living And Good Mental Health

At a very young age, seeing the lack of mental-health help available in our country she made a motto to reach out to more and more people. Her goal has been to provide an absolutely safe space to help people to release their stored pains, emotions and feelings as well as provide them support to rediscover and help them build a better version of their selves.

Meet Tiesta Duggal, a young entrepreneur, and the founder of Navyam which, as an organization, uses transformative programs for individuals and corporates to Provide growth, transformation, and support in the utmost personalized and customized manner.

In conversation with LifeBeyondNumbers, Tiesta shares that she has always been passionate about working towards a cause and loves to associate with people, to help bring a shift in their mindsets and the world around them. She is more than an entrepreneur. Tiesta is also a Life Coach, Energy Healer, Therapist, Internationally Certified Workshop Leader, and Speaker.

Tiesta Duggal, founder - Navyam
Tiesta Duggal, founder – Navyam, The Mind And Soul Abode

Navyam – The Journey

Navyam means freshly or newly awakened. Navyam is a place for the Mind and Soul. It’s a space where one can come, unwind, relax and calm their mind in today’s world of stress and rush. It is where they conduct one on one sessions, workshops and healing meditations. Navyam’s studio ambiance has been carefully created to give a soothing and calming effect to anyone who walks in and provides them an hour or two of absolute disconnect from their busy lives.

As of today, Navyam is one and a half years old and the reason it was started was that as the stress in today’s world is increasing, so is the scope for healing and counseling.

The Healing, Mental well-being industry is definitely becoming more and more popular. And for a greater good, fortunately, the taboo around seeking help is being lifted, thus making it normal for people to easily reach out for help.

Help is not only needed when one is having a mental breakdown, but it could also be used when one is dealing with something stressful, when one is not sure of which direction to follow when someone needs help in releasing their painful memories or the simple need to talk to someone and share how one feels like today. With the modernization and technological advancements, a lot of us are losing the connection with our own selves and the people around us. Thus this industry is certainly growing and the scope of healing and help is expanding with the growing awareness,” says Tiesta.

Navyam being a start-up, is at a nascent stage today with a sharp focus on having maximum client satisfaction and support in terms of the quality of time spent. Their services include One-on-One Coaching, Energy Healing Sessions, psychotherapy, access bars, hypnotherapy, crystal healing, meditations and various group workshops amongst others.

On asking where she sees Navyam in the coming years, Tiesta said, “At Navyam, we strive to work with every client in the most customized possible manner. So there is no fixed pattern of services that is followed and it varies according to every case, whatever is needed. Our plans, in the near future, are to focus more on the youth, students, for career counseling as well as life skill coaching as that would help them set the base right for their life by learning the right tools and techniques to deal with their life situations, challenges, and emotions in a better manner.

Mental Health – Where Do We Stand Today?

As a teenager, I myself experienced borderline depression and had a very difficult time to process my feelings and life. And, that is when I realized that I will take this up professionally once I grow up and help as many people as I can to see the light at the end of the tunnel and make them understand that, being in a state like this is not the end, it is a part of their journey and one day, they too can emerge out of it and live a beautiful life,” she revealed.

The primary cause of any mental or physical health is stress.  If this stress is not dealt with and the emotions that we feel are not expressed or released, as a lot of us are conditioned to not show ourselves as weak or overly emotional, it leads to emotional blocks in the body. Increased brain activity releasing more stress hormones such as cortisol and Adrenaline leading to the disruption of our body functions thus leading to physical and mental health issues. Due to the same reason, we have noticed a surge in the trends of depression and anxiety leading people to have a lot of difficulty in leading a normal and well-balanced life.

While earlier these issues were pushed under the carpet and not taken very seriously. Today, because of the role of social media, Celebrities and role models talking about their battles with mental health and their breakdowns, the scenario has shifted majorly and the acceptance and importance given to such issues are much more than before.

Navyam – For Both Kids And Adults?

We wanted to know who all can benefit from Navyam, and she explained, “Before Navyam, I have also worked as a Career Counsellor with various school kids helping them explore the right career path. Aat Navyam, we work with both kids and adults as in addition to being a Life Coach I am also an International certified Teen Trainer. I work with people from all spheres of life dealing with various issues including health, relationships, work, and career, etc thus there is no limitation on the kind of people we work with. I have dealt with various cases of anxiety, relationship issues, issues relating to abundance and growth and we have different techniques to deal with each case. At Navyam, we have both individual sessions where we work on the core issues of the person over a few sessions and help them learn various tools and techniques to cope with things and life better.

How To Maintain A Good Mental Health

The first and foremost thing I would like to say is that we all need to start loving ourselves, respecting and understanding our selves. Thus if you feel you are dealing with something and cannot handle it, please respect your feelings, honor how you feel and reach out for help. If you feel that for over a few weeks, you are not able to live the life you usually would, feel your emotions, have constant restlessness, are unable to enjoy the activities you normally would, have disrupted sleep and eating patterns, please understand that there must be something that you are not able to handle alone. And sometimes just talking to a friend or family member and letting out what’s stored in your system itself helps,” she explains, and we can’t agree more.

However, if you still feel it is something major and you cannot cope with it or someone you know is struggling, it’s always advised to reach out for professional help. You do not have to handle all the pressures of life alone. We all go through situations and experiences that shake up our reality, healing those, processing our emotions and finding ourselves back helps us to be more empowered and live the life we are deserving and capable of living.

Before signing off, Tiesta shared with us some valuable pieces of advice on how we all can take care of ourselves along with the near and dear ones in our lives. “Deep breathing, taking care of the diet, having more greens, spending time in nature, taking out time to journal one’s feelings, being more kind and grateful towards self and others work as great practices in helping lead a better life and reduce stress. Also, if you feel someone is not okay, always reach out and ask them if you can be of any support. Sometimes, small support, conversations, and concern can really help bring about a shift in the person’s mindset and situation.



I am a freelance writer who loves to travel and explore new horizons. Cooking is my stress buster and meditation helps me to keep calm and enjoy life as it comes.

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