This traffic Cop from Odisha has got some interesting moves which will make you his instant fan. Pratap Chandra Khandwal is superlative in his work and when it comes to controlling traffic, this 33-year-old is famous among commuters as well.

Controlling traffic with dance moves is an art you need to learn from him. While talking to ANI about his method, Khandwal said that while rules fail, the dance moves attract them to obey the rules.

Pratap has been in this profession for last 4 years and it was only through experience and practice, that he perfected the moves.

Watch Pratap Chandra Controlling the traffic with his dance moves:

Apart from Pratap, Ashok Gupta (60) and Ranjit Singh (39) also were in the news because of their dancing style.

Watch Ranjit Singh Controlling the traffic with his dance moves:

While Gupta, who is based in Kolkata told a national daily that he drew energy from Sun to dance throughout the day under scorching heat, Singh said he has been a Michael Jackson fan and is popular in Indore for doing moonwalks while directing traffic. Ashok Gupta is a die-hard fan of Kishore Kumar.

Watch Ashok Gupta Controlling the traffic with his dance moves:

So, here is what all three have a message for commuters, especially the young generation – Stay Safe and Follow Rules!