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Recently, cops were in news for all wrong reasons- from supporting rapist Godmen in India to erasing the evidence of child rape victims. In such times of despair, one police officer has gone beyond the call of his duty to bring a positive shift in the society.

Pramod Paswan, an Assistant Sub-inspector (ASI) in East Singhbhum’s Gudabanda of Jharkhand area has taken on a noble initiative to educate students of the region. After concluding his duty as a cop for the day, he teaches Maths to the children of Madhya Vidyalaya, Hatiapada every day.

Paswan strongly believes that through education, the scenario of the Naxal prone Gurabanda area will change. Therefore, he feels accountable enough to teach children after his duty as a cop gets over for the day.

This video shows that Paswan is teaching the concept of BODMAS to children so that they can solve the mathematical problems quickly.

“Whatever knowledge we have, we try to give that to the students as they lack in education. If the people of the area are educated the problem of Naxalism will be wiped out,”  he said while talking to ANI.

The unrest in this area had a negative impact on the school and the education system but now numerous initiatives have been taken to reduce the Naxal activities in the area. Also, educating children tops their priority list now.

We salute Pramod Paswan for his tireless efforts to make a difference in the society!