Owning healthy and radiant skin is always the desire of a lot of people. However, not everyone is born with that perfect skin. Being the largest organ of your body, this exterior cover has to suffer from plenty of enemies every day: dusty traffic, sunlight exposing, pollution, weather changes, smoke and medicines consuming, etc. These factors are gradually and increasingly damaging your skin and give it a lot of problems, among which appears what we call oily skin.

get rid of oily skin

Though oily skin is not unfamiliar, it is still a hard question to solve absolutely. Doctors and medicines may help, but medical treatments are not really good for your health, and in some special cases, it brings you the side effects which are really dangerous. Thus, researchers with endless efforts have found a list of superfoods which can support you to get rid of the annoying oily skin, based on the belief that – you see what you eat on your skin. I would like to recommend you with some of them, which are available around your household, waiting for you to consume right today.

Top Superfoods That Prevents Oily Skin

1. Avocado

oily skinThis magic fruit is perhaps no longer unfamiliar to housewives because of its various power in a lot of health issues. Actually, avocado is a great source of tens of nutrients which are necessary for your body. This fruit contains a high content of healthy mono-saturated fats and a lot of vitamins like B, C, K and especially vitamin E which performs excellently in boosting and nourishing the skin, removing oil in skin pores and giving you glowing and radiant skin. Furthermore, avocado is also a great source of supportive compounds like antioxidants, flavonoids, and carotenoids. These components in avocado own the power of moisturizing and replenishing the dry, oily skin. The anti-inflammatory quality of avocado is also the great help in easing the infections onto your skin, cleaning your skin and enhancing skin’s immune.

2. Cucumber

It is widely known that the best food for oily skin is food with high content of fiber. And among various sources of food, cucumber is evaluated to be one of the richest supply of fiber for your body, allowing it to absorb nutrients in foods better and support the process of detoxification. The high percentage of antioxidants in cucumber also play important role in eliminating toxins out of your body. Moreover, containing more than 90% of moisture, cucumber is the best cure to keep your skin hydrated properly so that it always stays glowing and radiant. This high amount of moisture also helps to reduce the oil clogged in skin pores. Besides, cucumber is also proven to be a good treatment for constipation, a symptom which can improve the digestive system, preventing oiliness on the skin.

3. Broccoli

broccoli for oily skinThe fact that vegetables are good for improving health and especially skin has been accepted for long. Recently, a further step revealed that dark green vegetables reach even higher power in enhancing your body. Broccoli is the most typical representative for this. Containing a wide range of antioxidants and high content of folate, vitamin A, and fiber, broccoli is ideal for removing clogging oil in each pore of your skin. Moreover, other properties of broccoli such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and anticancer are the best choice for you to make your skin become more healthy and radiant. Another special flavonoid named kaempferol available in broccoli is also an important agent to reduce inflammation which leads to oily skin and acne.

4. Ginger

ginger for oily skinA lot of people know about ginger’s use as one of the best delicious and healthy tea, but there are not many who consider ginger as one of the wonderful treatment to the oily skin. This great herb contains more than 40 types of antioxidants which work perfectly as eliminators to free radicals, the main cause of aging and oily skin. That high percentage of antioxidants also helps the skin to get better elasticity, keep the skin fresh and look younger. Ginger is also effective in removing toxin out of your body, and support the circulation of distributing nutrients to skin cells.

5. Lemon

lemon for oily skinIn addition to treating many skin health issues, such as a cure for syringomas, this magic fruit has been proven with tens of use and benefits in improving health. Containing high content of vitamin C, citric acid, and various other antibacterial compounds, lemon perfectly meets the demand of treating oil skin. The great antioxidant of vitamin C in lemon helps much in neutralizing and eliminating free radicals in your body. Besides, it supports the process of producing collagen, a great chemical which keeps your skin healthy and glows without any worry of skin oil.

6. Olive Oil

olive oil for oily skinRank last in this list does not mean that olive oil has less use in treating oily skin than other above remedies. On the contrary, Olive oil deserves the first position with its great helpful components. This essential oil is well known as a rich source of vitamins, fatty acids and various types of minerals which are highly good for your body, and the skin as well. Olive oil plays an important role in caring your skin and removing signals of aging and oily skin. Proper content of antioxidants in olive oil also helps in removing oil clogged in skin pores, supporting your skin to get better elasticity.

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