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If I ever get raped, don’t feel sorry for me.

Because someone’s forceful dick inside my vagina would do nothing to me;
neither pleasure nor disgrace.

I remain the same.

With an episode of extra physical dominance because my gender is physically made weak.

If someone threatens me by blackmailing to publicize my morphed or unmorphed nude pics online;
know that I don’t care. It can do nothing to me.

I remain the same.


With a smirk at the desperation of the perpetuator,

I remain the same. I remain the same.

But YOU change to a slimy weak being.

I will laugh at your weakness dude.

You need to deal with your unwelcomed-rejected, penis and desperation.

I will haunt you with guilt, will make your weapon of attack famous and kill your life

I remain the same.

People of the world; if I ever get raped- don’t feel sorry for me because I remain the same,

Neither guilty nor defeated but strong to repulse and brave to say no.

With a smirk at desperation,

I remain the same!

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