Wayanad Saveagram Amala Menon

She’s Making The Villagers In Kerala Realize The Value Of What They Have And Empowering Them With A Living

Every time Amala Menon visits the luscious paddy fields, unique temples and the beautiful nature found in Wayanad, Kerala, she feels a surge of pride. No doubt, Kerala is South India’s most serenely beautiful state.

Unfortunately, the villagers didn’t feel the same way.

Wayanad Saveagram Amala Menon
Amala Menon

In a country where the concrete jungles in the cities are increasing at a rapid pace, the local community of Wayanad felt that city life is probably better than their own. Realizing that they do not value what they have, Amala had an idea – one where she could both empower and enable villagers to earn a living from the beauty of their village and the culture. It’s a huge opportunity for the villagers which was never been explored.

Thus, SaveAGram was born in 2014. It is born out of a vision to appreciate the upside of simple lives led in the villages, SaveAGram is at the happy intersection of a desire for impact, a sense of adventure, and the will to change.

Watch Amala Talking About Her SaveAGram Initiative

Welcoming travelers from all over the world, this social enterprise provides a memorable experience through a homestay with a local family.

In addition to leaving rejuvenated, visitors also have the opportunity to help the children, or the teachers, at the local village school.

SaveAGram offers a unique chance to live the local lifestyle. As you enjoy the homemade meals cooked with healthy and organic produce, and you can also indulge yourself in a range of activities like hiking, a dose of yoga, rustic homes, the ancient dance forms, and much more amidst the pure beauty of nature.

How To Help SaveAGram And Their Cause

By planning your next vacation amidst the nature in Kerala and booking a homestay with SaveAGram. This will help their cause to empower the villagers and the school which runs on donations and provide free education to children from various indigenous communities.

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