Understanding gender identity and sexual orientation right from school and making education LGBTQ+ inclusive can eradicate the stigma attached associated with these individuals. Be it, teachers or students, both need to understand the prejudice and discrimination towards this community and solve it using education as a weapon.

Scotland will become the World’s first nation to make school education LGBTQ+ inclusive and teach pupil about their rights. There will be no exemptions or opt-outs to the policy, which will introduce LGBTI inclusive education across the curriculum and across subjects.


After the landmark judgment by the Supreme Court of India to strike down the colonial-era law allowing love to exist beyond the strict gender rules in the society and decriminalizing gay sex, here is what India can do-

Accepting their Mind

Acceptance can create miracles and especially for a pupil from LGBTQ+ community who has already faced a lot of discrimination and rejection while growing up. Guiding students and explaining the gender identity and sexual orientation can make a huge difference and will provide them with a safe learning environment in the school.

Celebrating Role Models and LGBT History Month

To counter the LGBTQ myths and the stigmas associated with the community, talk to the pupils about activists, celebrities, politicians, athletes, scientists from around the world. Every year in February, LGBT History month is celebrated which is a crucial step towards creating an inclusive environment for people belonging to this community.

Involve Students while Raising Awareness

Including young minds in the events will make them feel happy and safe. Contributing to a cause, tackling the issues related to LGBTQ community people will also equip them with confidence and will help them to solve their own issues in a better manner in the near future.

Understanding the School Environment

Show your support to LGBTQ+ pupil and staff by creating an inclusive environment. Encourage healthy conversations, hang posters, displays of inspirational people from the community and stock up the library with LGBTQ+ inclusive texts.

Sensitizing Teachers and other Staff members

In both primary and secondary schools, teachers and other staff members should be trained so the students feel emotionally safe in school. Inclusive training is a tool through which the purpose of making school truly LGBTQ+ inclusive, can be served.

Countering homophobic, biphobic and transphobic behavior or language

Bullying or using abusive language towards students from the LGBTQ+ community can create a negative impact on the mental growth of these children. Therefore, teachers must notice this without fail and take disciplinary action immediately. Schools must have policies that support particularly pupils, staffs, and teachers.

Challenging Gender Stereotype

A gender stereotype harm those who do not obey them, but also those who do. It may not be intentional at times but still can create a negative influence among people. Therefore, challenging it and making an environment more inclusive for learning is extremely important.

Normalising LGBTQ+ people

Help students or teachers from this community to not feel guilty and accept themselves for who they are. Most of the times, people from LGBTQ+ community end up feeling guilty for their choices, particularly sexual orientation. Make texts LGBTQ+ rights inclusive, promote interactive sessions with students and help them to clear doubts.

Incorporating these changes will help a school to develop an education system that will support everyone and help them to reach their full potential.