Some of the greatest lessons of life are learned on the deathbed. That’s the time when we look back and realize how precious life is. And most of the time, when we look back, we regret things we should have done but didn’t. The majority of us spend our lifetime trying to be someone else, ignoring all the potential and worth we have in ourselves to become someone unique.

Most of us don’t take chances in life, thinking what if we fail. But there are few, who enthusiastically take these chances thinking what if I succeed. And those who take their chances, go onto stand out from the crowd and become someone worth remembering. Steve Jobs was undoubtedly one amongst them.

Here is one life-changing lesson by Steve Jobs from his near-death experience. He did bounce back and conquered life again. And he lived his life to maximum, inspiring millions around the globe.  Steve Jobs, the fearless entrepreneur, and visionary, never ceases to inspire us even long after he is gone.

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