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A superstar blogger shows you and cuts through the nonsense. He tells us to stop trying to be the ‘Positive for everything’ always. Why this? So we can truly become better and happier.

Every time, since so many years, we are told to think positively. Why? If we think positive, we can lead to a happy, a rich life. To which Manson says, “F*ck positivity, stop looking for Silver Lining in everything! Let’s be honest instead, we know things are messy, let’s live with it. “

Manson, in his famous blog, doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He likes to tell it the way it is. Raw. Honest. Simple. And that is what we lack today. An honest blog!

One of his bestselling book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, is his pill to the pampering, the ones to have the feel-good mindset for everything, every situation and think it’s going to be alright.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

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Mark Manson states an argument, supported by both the researched ones and well time doody jokes, that if we improve our life, it’s not that we are able to make lemonade out of lemon but to make the lemons better.

“We as humans all have flaws and are limited in something or the other, not everyone can be superb, or winners. There are losers in the society as well it’s not fair to all and not our fault as well. Its time we accept our limitations and move on, once we learn to cuddle our fears, weak points, and stop running behind avoiding these and to start facing the pointed truth,” he says.

That’s when we will become confident, honest and courageous.

The book talks about how we need to focus on which things we need to give a f*ck about, the ones that matter. When money is coming on the side, you should also look about what to do with your life, make it better, not materialistically.

It’s a book that remains highly relevant in today’s time. The one that shows you a mirror. Talks to you in the eye, one with ruthless humor. For a young generation, it is a kick in the butt to realize to be content and have a grounded life.

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