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For women who remain unheard and unnoticed, and are not counted because of sexual abuse and other forms of violence due to its normalization in the society- ‘Street Guard’ can come to rescue. If we take into account the gender-based violence, this tracking system can prove to be one of the most powerful ways to ensure women’s safety.  

The country which has the highest level of violence against women in the world is Mexico. In every 24 hours, 81 crimes are committed against women, and only six in every 100 crimes are reported to authorities.

Street Guard was designed using existing technology in cars that could make necessary and loud noise to help prevent crimes on the street. It works with sensors installed in car doors that are connected to a network. Once the sensor is activated with a Street Guard button, it generates a frequency wave that triggers the alarms in the cars within meters.

The video explains how women can feel safer on the streets by using this device and promotes the idea that the largest automotive safety technology company in Mexico has found a way to make noise. The device does not affect the car’s computer or safety, because it is an independent system.

The Product engineer/Mechatronic Engineer of the company, Sofia Gallan Bataller says, “The device works with a set of receptors located within the car doors. When the device on the button is pressed, it generates a radio frequency that connects to the receptors, activating the car alarms within 25 meters.” Street Guard is sort of custom made as well depending on the age group of the person, there are 3 different designs. 

After its success of the device in order to counter and protect women and female children from heinous crimes like rape, kidnapping, murder, pedophilia, harassment, sex trafficking, mutilation; the government has started to replicate this initiative in other cities as well.

We are using a technology that already exists within cars, giving it a second function,” adds Bataller.

“The problem and solution have always been on the streets,” just that we are aware now and we can finally see them!