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Who says women are not physically stronger than men? Suhani Gandhi becomes the first woman from Bengaluru to represent India at the World Powerlifting Competition, in the under the 90+ category, in Russia and is slated to start from this month, July 13-15.

It was 3 months back when Suhani decided to shift to powerlifting from weightlifting. This is for the first time that she is competing at the international level. “Although powerlifting is still an upcoming sport here, I was fascinated by the strong women who participate in it. There are more opportunities internationally,” says Suhani to Indian Express. Even though she is new to this game, she adds that India has less awareness in terms of the sport.


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The 31-year old is the sister of Kannada actor Pooja Gandhi and while talking about her diet and training she says, “Weightlifting requires a specific diet, with high protein and carbs, the diet is not so specific in powerlifting.” Three years back, Suhani was into weightlifting. Also in May, she was declared the ‘Strongest Woman in India’ as part of the Strongman India League competition, which was held in Goa.

Powerlifting has existed since the 1800s, but Bengaluru still has a long way to go in terms of fitness. People need to be educated on the sport,” says Coach Raghavendra, who along with his four participants Varad Patil, Deepak, M Azmat from Bengaluru and Suhani will be representing the country.

Raghavendra claims that his gym is the only one that trains in powerlifting in Bengaluru. He was a silver medalist for 2 consecutive years at the same competition.


We are confirm SUHANI is national Weightlifter and Powerlifter , Body weight : 120 kg will be participate Women Open Class for Strongman India League , Goa , 27th May
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Posted by Strongman India on Sunday, May 6, 2018

Disappointed with the fact that there are hardly any funds for the sport and the athletes have to travel on their own money, he says, “It is challenging as the sport requires maintaining your diet, flight expenses and more, which costs around 2 lakh. Powerlifting is a three-way process including deadlifts, squats and bench presses, and is based on the maximum score one gets in a tournament. All four of my students will win a medal, as they are on top of their game.