Dreams! Good sweet dreams, something that all of us like to have, share and live for. It’s a beautiful feeling when you wake up after a good dream, where you saw yourself in a magical palace or with your loved ones in a paradise like a place or something absolutely crazy. Isn’t it?

When we’re in school, we all imagine ourselves becoming successful, to be able to buy the things that we see adults buying all the time, things we can’t buy on our own because we’re kids and our parents repeatedly say “Child, when you have a job, then you can have this XYZ thing with your hard earned money”. Well, we all grew up, (not entirely though) and now we have jobs that offer us with the luxury of buying things we want for ourselves or taking that vacation or buying a gift for parents, this is happening and it’s wonderful! Those sweet dreams are great, but today let’s talk about-

The dreams that don’t let us sleep!

I’m talking about the dreams that we live for. Crazy things we imagine ourselves becoming someday, things we imagine ourselves having some day and things we imagine making our lives fuller. We all have that one thing (well, most of us at least) that we really find hard to believe but we still go ahead and dream it. We sometimes imagine ourselves doing things or becoming something that most people around us, at that point of time, very quickly disregard with a laugh or just mere indifference by cutting out the possibility of it actually happening. But that’s what makes dreams dreamy, right? And yes, like a lot of others out there with a dream, I had one of my own, the most exciting one, since I was in 8th standard. It was to become a ‘Biker’! That’s how the journey of my most cherished dream began.

women dream ride bike

Battle of the Sexes? Nah! Making a choice? Yes! 

I’m not one of those who likes to establish things that are hard for a man or a woman to do or draw gender-based biases and my purpose of writing this article is not aimed at starting off a war of feminism. Not at all. I’m just sharing what my journey was like and the kind of things I have had to experience while fulfilling this dream, which you will shortly discover in this piece of writing.

Being a female, there are kind of struggles that come our way, just like being a male, has its own set of worldly challenges. With majority people laying emphasis on things a man should do and things a woman should not do, being on a motorcycle, for a girl, is still (sadly cause it’s 2017) a big deal and especially, in NCR (lots of biker girls out there in other Indian states, hi5 ladies!). What’s good is that lot of people find it cool and common for girls to like bikes. But, the first thing that pops out when you hear any girl saying  “I would like to ride one or own a bike”, is …“Oh, so you’re one of those tomboy-type girls haan?” Say what? This statement that I have heard perpetually, over the years, is wrong on so many levels & offensive to be honest.

First of all, this ‘tom-boy / tom-girl’ phrase/term or whatever it is referring to is so offensive! It’s nonsensical & inappropriate, in fact. Second of all, where is it written in the book of laws, that a girl or a boy’s preference in non-living things like automobiles, toys, and clothes etc. define the individuality of a person? And thirdly, can we stop with the stereotypical behavior already?

Coming back to my journey, I am someone who loves to dance, feisty by nature, unabashed in my expression, average cook with the help of google, very filmy & extremely hard working as a professional. I have won accolades in a beauty pageant, I have beaten up people when I was stupidly aggressive in teen years, I love spending time with family, I screw up my winged eyeliner before a party & ace it on a girls’ sleepover. I can rock desi thumkas at weddings just as nicely as booty rolls on the dance floor, I love wearing casual shorts and t-shirts, I carry off the ethnic – elegant saree gorgeously and I LOVE BIKES AND I CAN RIDE ONE now!

Take a sip of water or make that frown face or just whatever helps you, just absorb this simple, bitter truth. Yes! All in one and guess what, there are so many of us out there. I’m a woman with choices which are not very common to find, I agree but at the same time, absolutely normal for any female to make. I have met boys who are wonderful cooks, don’t know how to ride a bike, are very sweet and honest and absolute gentlemen. Nothing very manly about riding a bike and nothing very feminine about cooking! Just two different things, performed by different human beings, basis the situation they find themselves in. My point being, “IT’S ALL ABOUT MAKING A CHOICE”. Preference. I chose to become a motorcyclist, I dreamt of it, for a long time and did everything to make it happen. Some people out there would be laughing because I’m actually making this a big deal. But, every time I’d see someone riding a bike, go zip zap zoom past me, my heart would skip a beat. I just really, really, badly wanted to do this! And I did exactly that.

Dreams come true!

dream to ride a bike

So, for my 26th birthday, I decided to put all the stereotypical thoughts and statements and perceptions and society kya kahegi dialogues aside and purchased my very first bike – a Yamaha FZS (FI), with my own savings. I bought those nice biker jackets along with a sturdy helmet, thanks to some of my male buddies, who have been so encouraging and supportive of my decision. With their support and some other awesome people who got my back, and a lot of searches online, I arrived at the decision of getting a decent 150CC bike, as my dream was to first learn biking well, on my own ride and then someday, probably move to a nicer, fancier, KTM Duke kind of bike (here’s hoping that happens soon).

Life is an adventurous challenge, make it or break it!

I have fought my battles, like everybody else and getting this bike was one of them. From elderly trying to scare me with road rage, high accidental rates on 2 wheelers, to parents thinking it’s just a one month long fever and how I should be focusing on using the money more wisely on investments, to some females just being so jealous or I don’t know weird about me making this decision to some random people with how this is the age to get married etc. etc. I was taken aback when so many people just regarded my decision, my biggest dream as ‘silly’ just because I am a girl who is according to the world, ready for everything like becoming a wife, becoming a mommy, making excellent food, etc., everything except a biker! I have cried and fought all of this, for years. Until, I reached a point, where I could no longer wait for turning my dream into a reality and I just did what felt right to me. I believed in myself, saw a couple YouTube videos, discussed with like-minded people, observed all the bikers on the road and just went ahead and bought mine. Been less than 2 weeks and I ride quite well now, some more time and I would gladly take it out for a long ride.

The sky is the limit!

I am so happy and content in life right now, everything seems to fall in place and I know the hard bump, is just around the corner and I will have to fight for something else, again. But, so what? Life is all about ups and downs, and all we can do is “Believe in ourselves, march toward our life goals and give a deaf ear to all the background noise”.

Well, that was my journey of becoming a motorcyclist and I’m proud to be able to share it with all of you. I’m so thankful to God for blessing me. Grateful to all those who encouraged me and helped me get where I am in life and blessed to have a family that now boastfully, supports me.

women ride bike

To everyone reading this, just remember that no matter how hard or impossible your dream seems right now, but if you really work towards it, believe in yourself, it will happen and there is no stopping you. You and only you can make your dream come true. I’ve dreamed and lived my first one and now, it is your turn!

Go live your dream people! Cheers to Life & Big Dreams! All the best.