I exercise but my source of strength is different, I laugh but my source of joy is different, I cry but my sorrow is unbridled. I have an energy that surrounds me. A compassion that binds me and a teacher who guides me. My love, my friend, my rock. Delicate and tender, strong and powerful, beautiful and graceful, like the lotus in a wild pond. Without her, I wouldn’t be here, without here I dare not live. She is my now and then, my love and sorrow, my life and happiness, my soul mate and affair, my brilliance and disturbance, my peace and hatred… Ever powerful to either make me whole or drop me into the abyss of nothingness. She is, she is, she is… the woman in my life.

I’ve grown up with women in my life… I’ve come to adore, admire and respect them. I have my mother, my sisters, my lovers, my daughters (even if not my own), my friends… Women of all shapes and sizes, all ages and races… aaaahhhhh without them I’d be just a dried strand of grass on a broken down path to nowhere. This woman, she gives me direction, solace, joy, melancholy and all the feelings ever conjured by man in a dictionary as words.

Ain’t she amazing? The woman!