A student from Grant Elementary School in Murray, 10-year-old Rhythm Pacheco studies in fourth-grade. Netizens are praising her as she refused to answer an ‘offensive’ maths problem. The math question was about girls’ weights. She mentioned her concern in the worksheet and explained to her teacher why she didn’t solve the problem.

Rhythm Pacheco

Rhythm Pacheco

Pacheo was recently given homework where there was a question, which involved body-weight of girls. It seemed rude and made her uncomfortable. This is how the problem read, The table to the right shows the weight of three Grade 4 students. How much heavier is Isabel than the lightest student?

Circling the question, she wrote “What!!!!” and adding to that she wrote, “This is offensive. Sorry I won’t right [write] this it’s rood [rude].

Apart from this, the girl also wrote a letter to the teacher explaining the reason why she was not able to answer the maths problem. She wrote-Dear Mrs. Shaw, I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t think that math problem was very nice because that’s judging people’s weight. Also, the reason I did not do the sentence is cause I just don’t think that’s nice. Oh, and the problem is page 34 and number 7. -Love Rhythm”

The proud parents shared the pic of the answer sheet and the note online.

Netizens are praising this little girl for standing up to what is right and her teacher has also informed her that she won’t have to write out the answer for a question like this.

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After the video became viral, some also lashed out at the publishers who curated the assignments.