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By opening its doors for people belonging to different religions, the Masjid-E-Rehmat-Alam mosque in Hyderabad stands as a shining example of how communal harmony, peace, and brotherhood look like.

According to the ANI report, a team of 20 volunteers has come forward with this initiative for the public so that they can gather, meet people and share the experience and culture of Indian Muslims.

Further, to give people a clear understanding of the practices and beliefs, it also aims to bring awareness among people on how the prayers are offered in the mosque and how it functions.

Visit the Mosque”- an event which drew about 1200 people belonging to several religions in 2017, the chief organizer, Mohammad Ahmed Khan said that it has been an absolute team effort that brought people here. “This is the third time we have done such an event. We call our Hindu brothers to visit the mosque and tell them how we offer namaz and a mosque functions, so that, there is no misunderstanding between the people. It’s an attempt to promote peace and harmony. I am pleased with the feedback we have got so far from the visitors”

While talking to ANI, a visitor Lekha said, that she found this event to be a nice experience. “I have found this experience to be extremely revealing, mainly because, for us, it’s a very closed society. I have never been inside a mosque. I have been outside of a mosque several times. I didn’t even know that women are also allowed inside a mosque.” Adding to this she said, “I have also loved the way they explained to us the entire thing.”

Lauding the organizers for the initiative, another visitor, Navneeta said that this event has helped to expand one’s knowledge about the subject.