Visit any urban area, the green jungle has been replaced by concrete jungle everywhere. Cutting trees or uprooting plants is the most common habit of man to create a space for themselves. Who cares about a plant when it comes to building homes right? Wrong!

source: AFP

This family from Madhya Pradesh is an example of what true nature lovers look like. Kesharwanis wanted to expand their family home but they were facing one small issue. A 150-year-old peepal tree in their garden was awaiting for its obvious fate- to be cut down.

But, this family residing in Jabalpur city came up with a new idea of building a house around it rather than chopping the sacred tree.

While talking to AFP, Yogesh Kesharwani, whose parent built the home with the help of an engineer in 1994 said how everyone in their family is a nature lover and that his father always insisted that the tree is kept intact. He further mentions that it is easy to cut the tree but difficult to grow a beautiful one like this.

“We believe that 350 million gods and goddesses reside in one peepal tree,” he said and that it is mentioned in Geeta, which is an ancient Hindu religious text. His wife can pray without having to leave home, sitting before the tree in the mornings.

Through this act of kindness and gratitude towards nature, the family did want to send a message that people can create their own place amid nature without uprooting or destroying anything.