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In an era where many people are looking for available job opportunities, employees are experiencing extreme pressure to deliver lest the potential job seekers replace them. This pressure can be managed by rewarding the workers who are performing according to the expectations of the company. Rewards help employees to relax and understand that the senior individuals in the company can recognize their efforts in the organization.

how to reward employee

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As an employer in an ideal business environment, you would want to reward your employees with a lavish dinner at high-end hotels and other precious commodities. However, this is not possible, and you are forced to be realistic. However, you don’t have to worry about the price of the rewards that you will be giving your high performing employees. Here are some simple gifts and gestures that might create a large impact.

1. Custom Rewards

These are personalized gifts that represent the character of a particular employee. These types of gifts might not show personality or image, but they show something related to the receiver. For example, company merchandise with the name of the best-performing employee could create a lifetime impact on the receiver. Not many employees get to receive a T-shirt with their name written on the back and their cartoon image on the front side. There are other awards, such as crystal or glass awards. You can get them for your employees at They are an experienced rewards supply company that will have just what you are looking for.

2. Showcasing

There is no doubt that the best performing employees are the rock stars in your company. Therefore, you need to show them to other employees in the organization. This will not only make them feel appreciated but will also motivate them to work even harder. It is worth noting that some individuals appreciate when they are made popular within a particular setting than when they receive various rewards. You can also use leaderboards to show highly-performing employees in multiple departments. This will encourage other workers in the organization to work hard so that they can appear on the leaderboard in the next reward season.

3. Celebrate at a Local Restaurant

You might choose to go the traditional way and celebrate the achievements of various employees at a local restaurant. It might not be the executive five-star hotel, but it will still create an impression for your employees. A significant number of workers are already thinking of the idea that they should always enjoy their achievements in a home away from home. A local restaurant that has a variety of foods, local beer, and a swimming pool could be what your employees wanted.

4. Shout-Outs

This is a reward method that will not cost your business a dime. It is a simple method that you can use to show appreciation of the efforts that your workers have been putting so that you can achieve various goals and objectives. A simple handwritten thank you note could create a long-lasting impression, but a single conversation improves the interpersonal relationship. This can even have a great impact when it is done during the weekly or monthly meeting when every employee is present.

5. Responsibility

This is a traditional method of rewarding employees. Assigning higher duties to a particular individual is a sign that you have already noticed their skills, knowledge, and competence and you believe that they are ready to move to the next step. It is an apparent show of faith, confidence, and trust. This explains why a significant number of companies around the world promote from within. It also alerts other employees within the company that there is room for growth if they can deliver results consistently.

6. Flexibility

If a particular employee has already performed beyond your expectations, you have no option but to make their schedule flexible. Most of the workers spend extra time trying to put final touches on a particular project. Some of them might even work at night with the sole aim of making sure that the company achieves its intended goals. You can reward such workers by giving them a day off or flexibility in their schedule so that they can spend some vital time with their loved ones.

Many companies around the world have not been rewarding their employees due to the increasing cost of rewards. Cheap and alternative methods of rewarding employees have been listed above.