If you are a panipuri addict, Vadodara will give you a tough time. Due to the unhygienic method of its preparation, the municipal corporation of Gujarat town has imposed a temporary ban on the panipuri sale in the city.

pani puri

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Why the temporary ban?

During the monsoon season, people are easily susceptible to diseases and one has to be extra conscious while eating street food. The move made by the civic body was to ensure that no one falls sick by the consumption of panipuris as hygiene flies out of the window while  making this popular street food and the water used in the preparation is most of the time not clean which can be the cause of diseases like typhoid, jaundice and food poisoning in the city.

According to the India Today report, the municipal corporation has raided numerous places across Vadodara where panipuris are made and then decided to impose the temporary ban. Thousands of kilograms of food items were thrown away by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation’s health department, that is used in the making of panipuris like spoilt flour, rancid oil, stinking water and rotten potatoes.

At Least 50 manufacturers of panipuris were raided across the town by the municipal corporation of Vadodara. The corporation threw out 4,000 kgs of puris, 3,500 kgs of potatoes and Kabuli chana, and 1,200 liters of acidic water, mentioned the report.

The food business in this town was asked by the Vadodara municipal corporation to desist from selling panipuris until the end of the season.