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Be it seeing a goat and calling it a Muslim animal or looking at a cow and thinking it to be a Hindu animal- even though they do not care about human opinions but probably if they had a voice, surely they would have also said: “Not in my name”. And the story is no different even with the colors and appearances!

Written by Rahul Kumar Ranjan and the video produced under The Binoculars Club, Kaisi Azadi puts forth an overview of India after 71 years of independence in the form of a rhyming narrative poetry. With a quirky appearance and a strong message, it raises a series of questions on how independent we are in our own country.

Have you asked yourself why would a nation refuse to help its own people? Or the issues that demand most attention are swept under the carpet? India’s patience is wearing thin and just like a volcano- it is calm from outside and restless from inside.

Watch the video:

With India celebrating its 72nd Independence Day on August 15, we need to question ourselves whether only wearing a tri-colored inspired dress and taking part in elaborate celebrations and waving our flag can change the fate of this country?

Accept love and you will find peace again.

Happy Independence Day!