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Even though it’s a matter of concern that the numbers of voters in this village are in single digits, the Election Commission of India (ECI) is taking steps to ensure that every eligible citizen casts their vote in the upcoming Chhattisgarh Assembly elections.

Recently, there has been a strange case in the Bharatpur-Sonhat Assembly constituency. According to the report,  in polling booth number 143 in Sherandandh village of the constituency, out of 4 voters, 3 voters are from the same family.

Chhattisgarh voters

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Unavailability of the proper roads make it difficult for people to reach the village and therefore the polling party will reach there a day before polls and set a tent for voters, said the District Election Officer NK Dugga.

What makes it difficult to reach this village that whoever it may be- one has to travel an extra mile through the rocky mountains for five to six kilometers and cross a river to reach the village, which is dependent on Panchayat Chandha and is situated around 15 km from the main road.

The voting will be held in two phases- In the first phase, voting will be held in 18 constituencies in the southern part of the state on November 12, while the second phase of elections will be held on November 20. Further, the counting of votes for these 2 phases will be held on December 11.