While going through some articles on the internet, I stumbled upon an article by Mike Mahler named “Seven Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People”

Mahler says that studying the habits of unsuccessful people is equally important as studying those of the successful ones. I found the article very relevant and out of those seven habits, I found four of them to be extremely important for people to recognize and address. Following are the four out of those seven habits of highly unsuccessful people laid down by Mike Mahler.

1. Thinking if it is “meant to be” it should be easy

I deplore idiotic sayings such as “it wasn’t meant to be.” Nevertheless, I probably should not be so harsh as it is often correct but not for the reasons people use the phrase for. It is not meant to be because you didn’t make the sacrifices and persevere to make it happen; rather than it is not meant to be because the universe didn’t want it for you. You didn’t want it for you and that is why you don’t have it. You failed to take advantage of opportunities (something I see often) and spent more time talking about what you think you want to do instead of taking charge.

Far too many people look at roadblocks and setbacks as illusory signs that something is not going to happen. In reality, the person you become in persevering through roadblocks and setbacks is the real pay off. Something you don’t realize until you have gone through the grinder a few times.

2. Blaming others and circumstances

I really detest hearing people blame other people and their situations for why they’re not successful. I have traveled all over the world and have seen people living in abject squalor. These people certainly have a reason to blame their circumstances, but in all my travels I have never experienced that. On the other hand, I see people who have won the lottery (if you grew up in the developed world and have running water and a roof over your head, you won the lottery) who make excuses all day long.

The truth is blaming others or circumstances for your lack of development is not going to help you succeed. Focus on what you have control over and build from there.

3. Not taking advantage of opportunities

Unsuccessful people hope for opportunities, successful people take advantage of opportunities, and very successful people create their own opportunities. You can’t just sit around and hope things will come your way. Ironically great opportunities often come when you don’t need them because you have created so many of your own opportunities. Yet waiting for opportunities is only one of many reasons why people fail.

Another common reason is not taking advantage of opportunities. When you’re trying to make things happen you should pounce on every opportunity that comes your way. Many fail to do this and only have themselves to blame when things don’t happen. You’re not going to get an unlimited amount of opportunities in life so you should value the ones you come across. It doesn’t mean that each one is worth taking, but when one is worth taking, you should be all over it. More important than taking advantage of opportunities, is creating your own. The more components of success you’re willing to take charge of the more likely you are to be highly successful.

4. Laziness

When it comes right down to it, all the reasons why people are unsuccessful have a common thread of underlying laziness. Many people fail to finish what they start because they lose interest along the way and become easily distracted. No need to finish off a big project when you can go have fun with your friends.

Distractions are everywhere and it is easy to give up without even realizing you’re doing it. I have seen many people put in really hard work in one area and then completely blow off another component that is crucial for success. For example, going through a great deal of trouble to create a product and then failing to put any effort into marketing the product and wondering why it never took off.

I believe if these four habits can be eradicated from one’s life, achieving success is only a matter of time. Through persistently dedicated efforts and determination, failure is not even an option.

As Ella Wheeler Wilcox has so rightly said, There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.

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