How far will you go for the sake of your love, for your partner?

You will definitely agree on this that even the happiest of relationships is not a cakewalk. But, what makes relationships successful is cooperation, consideration, and sacrifice. This story of a homemaker from Nadia’s Kalyani has gone viral, and for all the right reasons. It is inspiring, adorable and her selfless love towards her husband will warm your heart today. 

An MA in English and the mother of two, this woman roams around the town in three-wheelers with utensils full of chicken and rice to feed stray dogs.

Nilnjana Biswas (45) took a personal bank loan of Rs.3 lakh and sold her jewelry worth Rs.2 lakh for a noble cause. In spite of her husband asking her not to do so, she sold her valuables without giving a second thought, for the sake of her husband’s love for street dogs.

The couple not only treats these 400 street dogs but also arranges for their vaccination. All of this she does by herself. 

Biswas has 13 dogs among which 12 are street dogs.

Speaking to TOI, she said that her husband is an industrialist by profession. Like her, Biswas’ two children are also fond of dogs. However, their passion for animals doesn’t go well with neighbors. Still, she ensures that the stray dogs are fed every day. 

In her home too, she has a pucca kitchen with a refrigerator and a store for fuel (wood) so that she can prepare food for dogs at home. Also, she takes care of hygiene while feeding them.

She has also done several campaigns to spread awareness against the cruelty inflicted by humans on animals. A diabetic and heart patient, Biswas has also urged Kalyani Municipality to feed these dogs regularly in her absence, but she hasn’t received any response from the authorities yet.